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Los Cabos, Mexico

Los Cabos, Mexico is a hot beach destination, located at the tip of the Baja California Peninsula. It is made up of three main sections - Cabo San Lucas, the wild party center; the Corridor along the coastal highway and San Jose del Cabo, a more relaxed, traditional Mexican town. Travel with James Knott to Los Cabos and learn the ins and outs of this popular vacation getaway.

Los Cabos, Mexico - Overview

James Knott in Los Cabos, Mexico

James Knott lays out the big picture and shows you whats available at all three of Cabos main destinations.

Best Margarita in Cabo San Lucas

James Knott drinks a margarita in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

James Knott searches Cabo San Lucas for the best margarita in town. He hits Cabo Wabo, the Corner Bar, Sand Bar, Billygan's & Mango Deck.

Lover's Beach

Lover's Beach - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Water Taxis and glass bottom boats are ready to take you out to Lover's Beach and the Arch (el Arco). James figures out a differnet route and saves a few pesos at the same time.

The Aisle Seat: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Columnist David Hartogs reflects on his experience in Cabo San Lucas in this well-informed article about the town.

Playa Medano - Most Popular Beach in Cabo

Playa Medano - Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Playa Medano is the busiest beach in Cabo San Lucas. There are many restaurants and hotels lining up to serve you. Whether you are into playing on the beach or sipping margaritas, you will always find something good to do here.

Snorkeling in Los Cabos

James Knott snorkeling in Los Cabos, Mexico

Snorkeling is one of Cabo's signature activities. The Sea of Cortez was called the world's aquarium by Jacque Cousteau and there is an abundance of beautiful fish in the sea. Even if you don't see anything good, I'm sure your tour guide will give you an ample supply of tequila to take the edge off.

Cocos Frios

Cocos Frios - David & Richard Hartogs in Los Cabos, Mexico

One of the most refreshing treats in Los Cabos is to pull off the highway to a small stand that sells chilled coconuts along the side of the road. The vendor will chop the top of the coconut and you drink the fresh milk with a straw. It's delicious!

Pedregal: Renting a house in Los Cabos

Pedregal - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Are big resort hotels not your style? Well, renting a house in Pedregal might be a good alternative - especially if you have a few grand to spend.

Mocambo - Seafood Restaurant

Mocambo Seafood Restaurant - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Mocambo is a great seafood restaurant. The interior is very simple in a way that says it doesn't want to detract from the quality of the food on the plate.

The Bungalows Breakfast Inn

Bungalows Breakfast Inn - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The Bungalows Breakfast Inn is located just a few blocks from the main action and once you walk through the gates of this small retreat you will feel like you are hundreds of miles from the action. Relax by the pool and enjoy the great vegetarian breakfast.

Hotel Los Milagros

Hotel Los Milagros - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

From the outside, you might miss it completely, but inside the Hotel Los Milagros is a peaceful oasis with simple suites that act as a great home base for your time in Cabo.